1. VR  (Viva Retailer): New IndusViva direct seller who can only retail. They are eligible only for the commission based on their retail.

2. VBO  (Viva Business Owner): IndusViva direct sellers from the rank of Star onwards. They are eligible for all types of revenues on fulfilling the respective criteria.

3. CUSTOMER/CONSUMER : Person who is not a VR/VBO but buys IndusViva products through a VR/VBO’s store link.

4. UNIQUE CUSTOMER : A customer with unique mobile number, email id, address and bank account/ UPI / card / any other payment mode which do not match with another customer. This is applicable for all the bonuses, rewards, rank advancements, activation etc. where retail volume is one of the criteria.

5. RETAIL : Order placed/purchase made by a customer using store link of a VR/VBO

6. VP : Vivaite’s Price

7. MRP : Maximum Retail Price

8. PV : (Point Value): It’s the volume of the product sold by a VR/VBO

9. GV : (Group Volume): It’s the collective volume generated by a network/organization (Incentives are calculated on the basis of turnover of GV & PV)

10. GBU : (Global Bonus Unit): Incentives are represented in GBU

11. FIRST ORDER : Aggregate retail volume in 1st order week of a VR

12. FIRST ORDER WEEK : The week in which the first retailing is done.

13. ACTIVE : Status of ID to be eligible for the incentive and other benefits. IDs get active through personal turnover generated through retail for 4 weeks or upgrading to PCM.

14. ACTIVATION LEVEL : The volume of PV generated in a VBO’s/VR’s ID through PTO.

15. PERSONAL TURNOVER : Business volume generated through personal retailing by a VR/VBO or first order of personally sponsored VR of a VBO.

16. ACTIVATED ID : An ID in which at least one retail order is placed.

17. SPONSOR : A VBO who personally enrolls a VR to his/her organization.

18. UPLINE : A VBO who is placed above in a genealogical hierarchy.

19. ASSOCIATE : A VBO who comes in referred VBO’s organization/ genealogy.

20. CROSSLINE : A VBO who is from entirely different organization and doesn’t fall in uplines or associates.

21. MONTH : Any calendar month.

22. WEEK OF CONTRACT : The week in which a VR agreed to the contract and got enrolled. Wherever, 1+1 or 1+2 week or similar usage for eligibility of any bonus/reward is mentioned, 1 is referred to the week of contract

23. CYCLE : Period of any consecutive 4 weeks.

24. COMPLIMENTARY PRODUCTS : The products given to a VBO as a bonus mostly as a secondary revenue on fulfilling certain eligibility criteria where selling price shall be discounted and applicable GST and shipment charges shall be paid by the VBO within 3 cycles from the eligible week

25. PAID AS RANK : Current week’s performance level.

26. ORDER HOLD : Suspending activities or denying access temporarily.

27. VACATED : Released the KYDS documents.

28. BERTH ID : The new organizations generated parallel to 1st & 2nd organizations on achieving the Black Diamond Ambassador Rank.


25 PV – 1 Unit Product
1 GBU – INR 100


First Order (VP) Reorder (VP) MRP
25 PV = INR 2,997.50 INR 2,497.50 INR 2,997.50
50 PV = INR 5,495.00 INR 4,995.00 INR 5,995.00
100 PV = INR 9,990.00 INR 9,990.00 INR 11,990.00
200 PV = INR 19,980.00 INR 19,980.00 INR 23,980.00

Billing shall be done on MRP. A handling charge of INR 100/- per unit shall be extra for all modes of delivery.


There are 10 ways of earning Primary Revenue and 4 ways of earning Secondary Revenue with IndusViva.


Retail Profit
Top Retailer’s Bonus
Business Opening Bonus
Business Incubator Bonus
Dual Team Bonus
Rank Maintenance Bonus
Co-applicant Bonus
Single Team Bonus
Reward Program


Digi Rockstar Bonus
VOTM Upgrading Bonus
VOTM Bonus



VR’s/VBO’s main work is to sell IndusViva’s products to customers/consumers. Online retail through e-Commerce store link allows you to earn income without purchasing the products with your own investment. Commission can be earned without adjoining a single VR, by building a strong customer base. Each VR/VBO earns 20% of the VP* by selling at retail price to the customers/consumers. The personal volume from retail sales counts towards VR’s/VBO’s activity requirement.

*Retail Profit is not available on the first 25 PV order if the first order is below 100 PV.

Note: Retail Profit shall be eligible for orders placed through Virtual Office if the ID is active


VBOs who achieve high retail sales in a month will be rewarded with Top Retailers’ Bonus (TRB). A minimum of 1,000 PV must be retailed to earn this bonus.

1st Position: 500 GBU* 2nd Position: 250 GBU*

*If 2 or 3 VBOs qualify for 1st position, the sum of TRB for positions 1 & 2 shall be distributed among the qualified. If more than 3 qualifies for 1st position then products worth INR 23,980/- shall be rewarded to all the qualified VBOs. If 2 VBOs qualify for 2nd position then the TRB 2 shall be distributed among them. If 3 or more VBOs qualify for 2nd position then products worth INR 11,990/- shall be rewarded to all the qualified.

# VBOs who are qualified for 1st or 2nd position are not eligible for Digi Rockstar Bonus.


– Orders placed through Virtual Office shall not be considered.

– Maximum 50 PV shall be considered from a unique customer. Not applicable for overseas orders.


On the first order of the immediate associates in the first and second organizations, the VBO shall be eligible for a 5% BOB*, irrespective of their sponsorship; up to a maximum of 10 GBU.

*Up to 200 PV shall be considered for BOB and the remaining shall be carried forward and get considered for DTB. 


A VBO earns 20 GBU and 10 GBU on advancement of a personally sponsored VR to the rank of Star in 1+1 week and 1+2 week respectively.


A VBO shall be eligible for 10% of the balanced GV (5% of the sum of the balanced GV) of both organizations, except the first order of their immediate associates, as Dual Team Bonus. This shall have a capping at 2,500 GBU for Star and above ranks. The remaining GV at one organization after balancing shall be carried forward to the next week. Personally retailed volume exceeding 200 PV in a week will be spilled to the lesser side for DTB. If there is no team in both the organizations, then the spilled over volume shall get assigned to one of the organizations and in the subsequent week to the other organization, which would enable the VBO to get DTB for whatever volume balanced, without having any organization.

30,000 GV 25,000 GV 25,000 GV 6,500 (1st Org.) 2,500 GBU (Capping)
5,000 GV 3,000 GV 3,500 GV 1,500 (1st Org.) 350 GBU
1,000 GV 1,500 GV 1,000 GV 500 (2nd Org.) 100 GBU
25 GV 25 GV 25 GV -- 2.5 GBU
1st Organisation 2nd Organisation Balanced Group Volume Carried Forward Volume DTB Eligible


The carry forward limit for a VBO ranked Star-1000 or below is 10,000 GV. The Executive Ranks* and above shall have a maximum carry forward GV equivalent to 10 times of their rank qualifying GV required in a week, combining both the organizations; maximum up to 5,00,000 GV. Only one side shall be carried forward.

VBOs up to Star 1000 10,000 GV
Ruby Executive 20,000 GV
Pearl Executive 50,000 GV
Emerald Executive 1,00,000 GV
Sapphire Executive 1,50,000 GV
Executive Diamond 2,00,000 GV
Executive Blue Diamond 3,00,000 GV
Executive Purple Diamond 4,00,000 GV
Executive White Diamond and above 5,00,000 GV
Note: Carry forward volume will be reset after flashing out the balanced GV beyond the capping limit on every Friday closing.

*The activity level of the respective rank should be maintained

Rank Maintenance Bonus (RMB)

Upon maintaining the paid as rank in the subsequent week of the qualifying*/requalifying** week, same as their achieved rank, a VBO shall be eligible to earn Rank Maintenance Bonus (RMB) from the rank of Ruby Executive.

On reaching the aggregate income criteria of the subsequent rank, if a VBO fails to advance to that rank, their RMB shall be lapsed. For an Executive White Diamond, on completing the aggregate income of 4,00,000 GBU and for Black Diamond Ambassador and above, on completing 3 years from the week of achieving the rank, RMB shall be expired, if they fail to advance to the next rank within that period.

*Qualifying -The week in which the rank is achieved.

**Requalifying – The week in which the rank is maintained after once missed.

Ranks Week 1 Week 2
Ruby Executive QFN/RQN 50 GBU
Pearl Executive QFN/RQN 100 GBU
Emerald Executive QFN/RQN 150 GBU
Sapphire Executive QFN/RQN 200 GBU
Executive Diamond QFN/RQN 250 GBU
Executive Blue Diamond QFN/RQN 300 GBU
Executive Purple Diamond QFN/RQN 350 GBU
Executive White Diamond QFN/RQN 400 GBU
Black Diamond Ambassador QFN/RQN 500 GBU
Royal Black Diamond Ambassador QFN/RQN 1,000 GBU
Imperial Black Diamond Ambassador QFN/RQN 1,500 GBU
Crown Black Diamond Ambassador QFN/RQN 2,500 GBU


Upon achieving Executive Diamond Rank, a VBO shall be eligible for 500 GBU as Co-applicant Bonus every month for a period of 1 year, provided that the VBO maintains the paid as rank, same as that of the achieved rank, at least in one bonus week of a month. If any month/months lapse, subsequent month/months shall be counted. If a VBO advances to the next rank before the tenure of current Co-applicant Bonus expires, they only need to maintain the paid as criteria for the previous rank to avail the Co-applicant Bonus until the 12 bonuses are received. It is exclusively paid to the co-applicant*. The Co-applicant Bonus period shall be extended on rank advancement.

* Co-applicant must be default co-applicant. Eligibility to a non-default co- applicant is subject to the approval.

Note: It is the discretion of the company to decide on the payment of co-applicant bonus.


Upon achieving the Black Diamond Ambassador rank, a VBO shall get an opportunity to open any number of organizations parallel to their 1st and 2nd organizations which shall be called their berth organizations, where the VBO shall be eligible for 5% of the newly generated GV from each organization as Single Team Bonus (STB), which shall have a capping at 5,000 GBU on each berth organization. This bonus requires no balancing assuming that the group volume generated in the berth IDs balances with the group volume generated in the first two organizations.


1 GBU per 100 PV of the Global Business Volume (GBV) in a month shall be allocated to the Royalty. It shall be considered based on closings (Fridays) in the month. The Royalty shall be distributed among those with the highest achieved rank/performance level in the company based on the aggregate points they earn starting from Black Diamond Ambassador. Once the subsequent higher rank/performance level such as Royal, Imperial and Crown Black Diamond Ambassadors or their Platinum Performance is achieved by at least one VBO, Royalty shall be limited to that rank or performance level*.

* Paid as or Platinum performance level of Black Diamond Ambassadors or above shall earn points in the respective weeks in which higher achieved rank/s or performance level/s don’t maintain the rank or performance level same as of their achieved rank or performance level. However, such points shall be nullified if the highest achieved rank or performance level maintains at least one week in that month.



INR 5,00,000/- accidental insurance coverage for a year to the VBO. Death, disability and medical expenses caused due to accident shall be covered in the policy.


Star Summit: 3 Days, 2 Nights Residential Training Program (RTP) in a Luxury Property at Bangalore** exclusively for the VBO and the default co-applicant#

Surprise Rewards

The company may announce surprise rewards as and when it deems to be fit based on the sales performance of the VBOs which is at the sole discretion of the company and changes from time to time.

Note: Reward programs are available only for people who are actively pursuing the business (earning DTB) till the commencement of the reward event.

*It is the discretion of the company to decide the schedule of the rewards and make any changes in the schedule or the reward itself

**Conveyance excluded

#Company may announce alternative reward under any unfavourable circumstances



⦁ Personal retailing
⦁ Personal sponsoring
⦁ Achievers in the organizations
⦁ New group volume from all the organizations
Aggregate income



A VR who retails 300 PV products in any cycle*


⦁  The rank can be qualified in 1 week by selling the required volume if other criteria are fulfilled.

⦁  Maximum 50 PV shall be considered from a unique customer in the cycle. Hence, products need to be sold to 6 or more customers. Not applicable if products are sent to overseas customers from the company itself. 


A Star who retails 300 PV each in 2 consecutive cycles* or 600 PV in a single cycle



⦁  Maximum 50 PV shall be considered from a unique customer in a cycle. Hence, products may need to be sold to 12 or more customers if fulfilling the criteria in a single cycle. Not applicable if products are sent to overseas customers from the company itself.

⦁  Rank shall be given only on the completion of cycle/s.


A Star 250 who has 5 personally sponsored Stars in the qualifying week, at least one in both the organizations.


⦁  ID should be active

⦁  The Stars should have qualified through retail criteria and active in the qualifying week.

⦁  Personally sponsored Stars who are qualified with the previous criteria, shall not be considered for Star 500 qualification. However, they may be considered if they requalify with the retail criteria.


An existing Star-500* who has one each active Star-500 in both the organizations and has earned an aggregate income of 1,000 GBU from the 1st order week.

*ID should be active in the qualifying week.


To maintain a paid as rank, a VBO has to maintain the minimum activity level and weekly volume criteria of the particular rank after achieving the same.

Paid as STAR

Retail 75 PV in the qualifying week.

Paid as STAR-250

Retail 150 PV in the qualifying week.

Paid as STAR-500

ID should be Active and 5 paid as personally sponsored Stars with at least one in both the organizations in the qualifying week.

Paid as STAR-1000

ID should be Active and have an active Star-500 and 750 GV on both the organizations in the qualifying week.

Paid as Ruby Executive*

ID should be at least 50 PV Active and have a minimum of 1,000 GV on both the organizations in the qualifying week.

Paid as Executive Diamond*

ID should be at least 200 PV/ PCM Active and have a minimum of 10,000 GV on both the organizations in the qualifying week.

Paid as Crown Black Diamond Ambassador*

ID should be at least 200 PV/PCM Active and should have a minimum of 1,00,000 GV on five organizations in the qualifying week. Volume from berth IDs shall be considered from multiple legs with the same condition of rank qualifying.

*Paid as rank criteria for other Executive/Diamond/Ambassador ranks shall be to have one week volume required to achieve the respective ranks along with the respective activity level as mentioned here.

Minimum PV Required to be Active:

Star 1000 and below                             25 PV
Ruby/Pearl Executive                           50 PV
Emerald/Sapphire Executive             100 PV
Executive Diamond & Above             200 PV/PCM


Digi Rockstar Bonus

By retailing 1000 PV, 600 PV and 300 PV in a cycle of any 4 consecutive weeks a VBO shall receive INR 11990/-, INR 5995/- and INR 2997.50/- worth products respectively.

On completion of every week the eligibility shall be checked. Once qualified for Digi Rockstar bonus, the cycle will be ended and the new cycle starts from the subsequent week. If not qualified, the new cycle shall begin and end with the subsequent weeks of the first and last weeks respectively of the previous cycle.


On achieving Star 250 Rank, a VBO is eligible to upgrade to VOTM* by placing a single order of 1,000 PV. When a personally sponsored VBO of an existing VOTM holder upgrade to VOTM, the latter# shall earn VOTM Upgrading Bonus of 50 GBU.


*Refer to VOTM page for more details

# Sponsor should be a 1000 PV VOTM holder. 500 PV VOTM holder should upgrade to 1000 PV to be eligible for VOTM Upgrading Bonus.


When a VOTM holder delivers 1,000 PV products to their team in a week ordered through his VOTM, the VOTM holder will then be eligible for two complimentary products worth INR 5,995/- and when they deliver 500 PV or above products but less than 1,000 PV in a week, then they are eligible for one complimentary product worth INR 2,997.50/-. The VOTM holder can earn this either by qualifying with weekly volume or by generating average weekly volume of the above-mentioned criteria*.


Loyalty, as the name suggests, is our token of appreciation for the consistent loyalty you have towards IndusViva products. If a VBO places a minimum personal purchase order (25 PV) through virtual office for 10 consecutive cycles, they shall be rewarded with a complimentary product of their choice via the Loyalty Program.


• This reward is calculated as a cycle of 10 consecutive cycles. Any lapse in between the cycle will cause the cancellation of the reward. 

• Order shall be considered only if the ID is active.

• Orders placed through VOTM are not eligible.

• GST and handling charges are applicable.

*T&C Applicable.



A VBO who retails 300 PV products to customers within a period of a cycle. *


*Maximum 50 PV shall be considered from a unique customer in the cycle. Not applicable if products are sent to overseas customers from the company itself. 

Cycle needs to be completed even if the volume criteria is fulfilled before the cycle.


Viva On The Move (VOTM) is for quick delivery of products which helps your team members and customers to enjoy cash & carry of IndusViva products. Having a VOTM and promoting the same in the team will help in building a fast and sustainable Viva business.


• Star-250 and above is eligible.

• Should complete 1+4 weeks in the business.

• To avail VOTM, the eligible VBO has to submit a notarised affidavit* in the given format.

• ID should be active.

• Placing VOTM order shall not activate an ID & VOTM shall be approved only if the ID is in active status. The volume above 200 PV, which is normally considered for spillover and Dual Team Bonus, is not applicable in VOTM. Because, this is not retail but stock products for serving through delivery.

• VBOs shall choose VOTM as their mode of delivery for the orders placed by the customers from their VO within 12 hours from the time of order and their preferred VOTM holder by entering the ID number or by selecting from the suggested list of VOTM holders who shall deliver the products to the customer.

• Orders of associates only can be assigned to a VOTM; orders of crosslines cannot be assigned.

• Handling charges are applicable for all the orders placed by the team through VOTM.

• No order is permitted to be assigned on a VOTM ID which is inactive.

• Orders will be dispatched to the VOTM holder’s shipping address usually once in a week and strictly not to any other addresses.

• PCM activation cannot be done through VOTM.

• VOTM holder will be responsible for the distribution of products of the orders assigned to their VOTM.

• VOTM Bonus shall be calculated after setting off TRB/Digi Rockstar Bonus/other complimentary products eligible volume, if any, on a monthly basis.

• Averaging shall be applicable if minimum qualifying volume criteria has been fulfilled before setting off TRB/Digi Rockstar Bonus/other complimentary products eligible volume in all the weeks of a calendar month.

• VOTM of an ID shall be cancelled if it is inactive for 13 weeks or more.

*Approval is completely based on the discretion of the company


On achieving Ruby Executive rank, a VBO is eligible to upgrade to the elite Presidential Club by placing a single order of 1,000 PV.


• Only a Ruby Executive and above can apply

• A notarised affidavit in the given format should be signed and submitted*

• Double activation of PCM is not permitted


• ID remains active with 100 PV for 12 cycles

• Products worth INR 11,990/- as complimentary**

• If a VBO reactivates their presidential club membership on the week of expiry, then s/he will get a 13 cycles activation.

*Approval is completely based on the discretion of the company

**GST and courier charges to be paid by the VBO


Ideal Business Owner is a Digi Rockstar having one each Digi Rockstar in both the organizations in a cycle.


A Star-250 ranked VBO is secured against unexpected and untoward accidents with General Insurance*, exclusively paid by IndusViva HealthSciences Pvt. Ltd. The physical loss to an accidental injury, fatality, or disablement will be covered.

Group Personal Accident

The policy covers the insured person (or his nominee/ legal heir, as the case may be) for the occurrence of any insured event, as specifically described, under different benefit(s) arising due to an injury sustained by the insured person during the policy period but not exceeding the sum insured as specified under the respective benefits under policy schedule.

Benefits can be availed for :

Accidental death
Permanent total disability
Permanent partial disability
Accidental medical expenses
24/7 worldwide cover
Transportation of mortal remains and funeral expenses
Accidental home alteration cover
Educational grant

* The insurance is only for the VBO. The period of accidental insurance coverage is one year from the date of insurance. It can be renewed under the expense of insured VBO if they are willing to do so.


Platinum Performance

After achieving a rank, if a VBO maintains the paid as rank criteria of the subsequent rank, they shall be considered as a Platinum Performer for that week. Where the next rank criteria are not applicable, then the achievement shall be decided with the maintenance of double the volume of weekly criteria of achieved rank.

Gold Performance

After achieving a rank, if a VBO maintains the paid as rank criteria of the same rank, they shall be considered as a Gold Performer for that week.

Silver Performance

After achieving a rank, if a VBO maintains the paid as rank criteria of the rank immediately beneath the current rank, they shall be considered as a Silver Performer for that week. Where the one rank below criteria is not applicable, half the volume of weekly criteria of achieved rank shall be the criteria.

Bronze Performance

After achieving a rank, if a VBO maintains the paid as rank criteria of two or more ranks beneath the current rank, they shall be considered as a Bronze Performer for that week. Where the two ranks below criteria is not applicable, 1/4th volume of weekly criteria of achieved rank shall be the criteria.

Core Team

A team formed by Executives or above ranked VBOs, consisting of 10 active Star 500 or above, with at least one member from all their organizations where none of them fall in the core team of any of their line of uplines.

Value Creation

Empowering a new Viva Retailer to retail 300 PV products within 4 consecutive weeks by using I-do, we-do & you-do strategy.

Value Extraction

Recruiting people by making them indirectly buy 300 PV through manipulation.


This is the official Compensation Plan, Policy & Procedure and Terms & Conditions document of IndusViva, valid only in India, for the year 2023; pertaining to the business opportunity offered to Viva Business Owners. IndusViva withholds all the rights to amend or remove any of the clauses mentioned here without any notice. The company has all the rights to nullify any of the clauses, if necessary, to protect the interest of the business. Refer to for the latest updates. Valid only in India, for the year 2023. Any disputes, Bangalore jurisdiction only.

Updated as on 29th April 2023.