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  • March 30

    What it takes to be Good at Heart – A thought that always ploughs through our minds, has been a very difficult question to be answered. However, if you ask the same question to me, I would say it’s pretty simple. And the answer to this question is IndusViva’s iPulse.

    iPulse, an antioxidant rich juice made with multiple fruits, helps in strengthening heart health. Isn’t it simple?

    The antioxidants present in iPulse help in quenching the free radicals and thus provides defence against free radical damage. Research, studying the impact of supplementing diets rich in antioxidants, suggests that antioxidant rich foods have been linked to reduce risk of developing heart diseases.

    Within our bodies millions of processes occur every day, such as turning the foods, we eat, into energy. These processes require oxygen. Byproducts of using oxygen are called oxidants, often referred to as “free radicals”. Free radicals can cause damage to cell walls, cell structures and even the genetic material of a cell. If the genetic material of a cell is attacked, it can lead to changes in the body’s DNA “genetic blue print” and has been linked to a number of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants work to deactivate free radicals by binding them to oxidants. Thus, prevents the damage of the free radicals from occurring.

    Diet is one of the key factors responsible for development and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that people who follow a diet low in fruits and vegetable are at higher risk of heart diseases.
    Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. A variety of foods that are rich in dietary fibers are good for heart. Further, many fruits and vegetables exhibit anti-inflammatory actions which help in reversing the condition of inflammation.

    iPulse possesses ingredients which are known to enhance the body’s ability to rejuvenate itself, strengthens heart muscles, maintains healthy rhythm, supports healthy fat levels, overall cardiac health and hosts other vital benefits.

    So, friends, is this not a very easy and comfortable way to be “Good at heart”?
    Yes, it is.
    Grab your share of iPulse from Indusviva now!

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    Excellent science devloped from natural fruits


    Miracle product…thank You viva for this amazing product


    I pulse is world numbe 1 product

    Anas Anz


    Simanta Borah

    I pulse is a Really Unbelievable Miracle Super Fruits & Berries Juices.
    I am Regularly consuming it for My Better Health…
    I recommend Many
    more friends to Drink I pulse , And i have Received a Great testimony from Them.

    L venkateshwarlu

    Advance ayurvedic products giving Mr c a ansar sir great human being great India great Indus viva

    Lakshmi Srinivas (PASSIONATE Wellness Entrepreneur)

    Made by nature
    Idealized by IndusViva

    Thanks indusviva for sharing Health to entire globe., it’s revert to entire 1Million of Viva Family members.


    The Best Orac value fruit
    Thankyou Ipulse
    Thankyou CA Anzar sir??♥️

    Sanjeev Kumar

    Ipulse is Amrita of Kalyuga.I Love it.

    Rakesh Katwal

    All products are awesome ☺️


    Very essential for whole body healing.
    I-pulee?gives in my family lot’s of health benefits ??


    Very informative and amazing premium balanced fruit juice that supports our immunity, Thank you INDUS VIVA for such wonderful product??

    Saritha Charan

    I pulse completely cured my long term (15+yrs)Vertigo problem.. My sincere thanks to this world class health supplement.. Thanks to Indus Viva

    Janaiah. K.

    I pulse is wonderful product on Earth. In our family we are consuming regular basis. On my presence two persons saved from cancer using these products along with good food habits. It is very happy to me. So many testimonials are there. Thanks to our chairman Anzar sir

    Vahab c

    FDA Approved Premium Balanced fruit juice ?


    I pulse is unique product. It is a premium blended juice. I had wonderful testimony with I pulse and I recommended to all my friends, neighbour’s and relatives and they also had wonderful health benefits. Me and my family consuming I pulse regularly. And I strongly recommended I PULSE.

    Vanjith S

    I pulse save my Father life. No1 antioxidant fruit juice

    Said mon

    Good for health and body


    I pluse is best Products I got the Results improved my health benefits Thank you

    Noor md

    Excellent Premium Nutrition for Healthy lifestyle by indusviva ipulse product..I have excellent result with ipulse.

    Ashok kumar

    Indusviva all products no 1 products. I like it


    I-PULSE is really wonderful product specially for heart disease. Because my mother who was a heart patient and had been using medicine since 2011, is now leading her life free of medicine after using 8 bottles of I-Pulse. Thanks Indus viva

    Saleel K Areekode

    Miraculous product. My back pain and my wife’s Asthma are completely cured and gave us a new life… Thank you Indusviva for developing such a great innovative product.


    We love viva we love nature ?✌️

    Dipak Dahal

    I puse is amazed product from indusviva. It’s a miracle to human health Specially for heart❤ health. 60ml i pulse is the solution for more then 27major health issue… Recommending for all age groups..

    Mini John Pradeep

    ?IPulse is my Pulse ?

    Chirag Sahu

    Very amazing product ? contact me for home delivery 9340332184


    Such a wonderful product for the Human Beings.

    B Alivelu

    Wonderful products

    Vinod sahu

    I pulse is my pulse.

    Shanif Rahman

    I pulse is miracle product

    K. A. Sujitha

    Good product

    Arun Dsouza

    Superb Functional Health Brevarage.

    Nasmina sandeep

    Genuin product, unbelievable results…

    Sidhique k. a

    Wonder full product i pulse


    I pulse is very energetic drink.. I like i pulse and i suggest many more friends to drink i pulse ?..

    Thank you INDUSVIVA


    Ipulse is very effective on heart & kideny problem?

    Miracle result

    B.krishna veni


    Pavin cp

    I pulse ♥️♥️

    Manonmani A

    Amazing product, world no 1 immunity booster support I pulse ? Thank you Indus viva ???

    Favas Abdul Rasheed

    All the product by IndusViva are really amazing..
    Am also a product of these products. See my stories at

    Sreeviraj ck

    i Pulse is a miraculous product which rejuva nates our body & mind naturally. It bring back abnormal body conditions to a very normal & good state. I my self is an example i assure you a guaranteed Result to your health issues !!!

    Akshay P Panchal

    It is Truly a Magical Drink. Creating Wonders in People’s life.

    Dinesh Sharma

    Ipulse is the best product ever available
    I’m using it regularly for my good health & im giving to my parents
    Everyone is satisfied with ipulse

    Ajijoor rahman A

    I consume this amazing wonderful product of I pulse

    Swapnil S Sawant

    World class best Functional Health Beverage I-pulse, me and my family is a Genuine User

    R.Sri Ranga star 1000

    Advanced Aurevada products Exlent results and human body need for health Natural organic food suppliment sir Indus viva is great sir


    I pulse is a unique synergistic fruits blend. Its pulse of every human beings. If you wanna service your body then use i pulse must.

    Suman khanal

    A wonderful product with unique ingredients

    Himal Sharma

    iPulse is My Pulse…Thank You indusviva…

    Vanitha D

    I Pulse is miracle product. I used three month for my health problems. I get good results. I recommend my friends and family.
    I like Ayurvedic products. It is save my life. Thank you Indus Viva Company ??


    i pulse is my pulse, ipulse is super brand .


    Miraculous Product
    I do not have any health issue but I started to consume ipulse as after knowing about it i felt this product is very useful to be healthy
    Now it has been more than a year of it consumption & I feel very Energetic.
    Great product, people are getting multiple health benefits .

    Sree mahalakshmi krishna B ⭐500

    Elixir to the mankind is none other than ipulse. We are very much thankful to Mr. C. A. Ansar sir❤

    Renjith Mavelikara

    Super Product, Amazing Result, I Really like it….

    Manikanta Cheemakurthi

    Ipulse is a wonderful product, we are seeing miracle results while using Ipulse, really it is a God’s gift from IndusViva❤️

    Kundan singh

    I coffee is very good solution for bilance of our sugar level we r blessed this product I got thanks indusviva

    Rajesh Kumar

    Indusviva is a good company and iplus is jabardast product

    Nizar Koolath

    I pulse is the best remedy for lifestyle disease i recommend to each and everyone should consume,this is the miracle product i have ever seen in my life so please use and experience it

    Badsha padinjhapurath

    The best product i have ever used….. Amazing result… Thank u “indus viva”

    Dharmveer Bharti

    Really, Amazing product i-pulse, super brand best for human being.

    Fasalu RAHMAN kappad

    21th centuries miracle. I pulse is no:1 immunity booster..

    shahul Kozhikode

    ഐ പൾസ് ( i-Pulse ) നൽകിയ അല്ലാഹുവിന് നന്ദി. ഇത് അല്ലാഹു മനുഷ്യന് Iindus Viva വഴി നൽകിയ വരദാനമാണ്. ഇത്രയും അത്യത്ഭുതകരമായ ഒരു ഉല്പന്നം ഞാൻ ജീവിതത്തിൽ ഉപയോഗിച്ചിട്ടില്ല.

    ശാരീരിക പ്രവർത്തനങ്ങൾ പനഃക്രമീകരിക്കാനും പ്രതിരോധ ശേഷി കൈവരിച്ച ഒന്നാക്കി മാറ്റുവാനും ഐ- പൾസ് അത്യന്തം സഹായകമാണ്.

    Thanks Respected Chairman Mr Ansar And Respected Scientist Mr. Vladimir Badmaev.


    I proud ..because I am Indusviva distributor ??


    It is very good product for overall body i am drinking Regularly,, no age Limit,no test compromise, hygienic and world class quality,i Request to more friends use them,,,

    Urmila Aind

    I pulse is a real jungrodhak drink for all

    Parveen Sharan

    I Pulse is the real juice for health and wellness

    Ram sharma

    I pulse is a miracle product. Just like Amrit


    Super world’s class products i love all products amazing results


    Excellent, Awesome as i can say many more this products are natural and non side effects product no words to say bcoz i know because I used it. it’s Amazing Thankyou Indusviva

    Raj Kumar

    Excellent science devloped from natural fruits.Best n rich Antioxidants.

    Samara Simha Reddy

    Super such a wonderful product i love this product. My Dad using this product continuously . Thank you Indus viva ???❤️

    prateek patel

    This Product make me an Direct seller this product is Amrut for all age group my kids love it

    Rakshitha Keshav

    I’ve got Miraculous result using IPulse. Thanks to Indusviva for this amazing product.. it’s a boon to people.




    Xin chao, toi mu?n bi?t gia c?a b?n.


      Thank you for reaching out. Please share your question in English.


    I pulse really excellent product


    Hola, volia saber el seu preu.

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