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Salacia – For Blood Sugar Management 

Aug 01 Hello, my dear friends, I welcome you all in our blog section where we have been discussing health benefits of various ingredients that constitute IndusViva products.In continuation...

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Kashmiri Saffron – For Glow and Radiance

July 25 Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section. Like every week I will be sharing with you the information on ingredients that go into the making of...

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Coleus forskohlii – The Real Fat Burner

July 2 Hello friends, I believe you have been enjoying our posts on different ingredients that we make use in manufacturing our IndusViva products.In today’s episode of Ingredients to...

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Amla – The Indian Gooseberry

June 21 Hi friends, this week we will be talking about one of the most revered ingredients, Amla. This has its roots in Ayurveda and many other traditional systems...

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Ingredients to Crave for – Part 2

June13 Hello Friends, welcome back to our blogs section of IndusViva, where we will be talking about health tips, giving information about various products that we offer and their...

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Let’s learn about Phytomarker compounds Frukto Flavonoids – Leading from the front

June 4 Hi friends, in today’s topic, we will be discussing about the phytomarker compounds that are responsible for the positive actions of our products. Flavonoids are group of...

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Give them a reason to take a second look

May 24 Hi friends, I welcome you to our blogs section. In today’s blog we will discuss about the concept of beauty. The real beauty is not through artificial...

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Excuses don’t burn calories

May 05 Hello friends, I welcome you back to our blogs section of IndusViva. So let’s start rolling! Today we will talk about an unanswered question, unsolved mystery and...

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Coffee: The Beverage World Loves to Drink

April 28 Hello friends, welcome back to our Blogs section of IndusViva, where I promise to tell you something new every time you visit here. Today, let’s talk about...

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