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We create entrepreneurship. We empower entrepreneurs. We advocate Advanced Ayurveda. We formulate, manufacture and market. We serve holistic wellness regardless of age. We are tech-updated community, with associations from across the world. Based in India, we are set out to share with the world the elixir Ayurveda has to offer and make it easier for everybody to avail its benefits.


Women Empowerment

We help women in promoting their self-worth, their capacity to determine own choices, and their right to impact social change by gaining financial freedom.



We specialize in health sciences which refers to all the applied disciplines in the improvement of healthcare.



We encourage entrepreneurship by providing the right opportunity to the right people. We encourage entrepreneurs who are a source of new ideas, goods/services, and business/procedures.


Advanced Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems in India. It is a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit for health and wellness with a touch of science.



i Dwell

₹ 2,997.50


i Pulse

₹ 2,997.50


i Coffee

₹ 2,997.50


₹ 2,997.50


i Care

₹ 2,997.50


i Slim

₹ 2,997.50

Salacia Reticulata

Advanced Ayurveda, the amalgamation of traditional herbs with modern science. That’s the foundation of IndusViva’s holistic wellness products. Watch this video to know how Salacia, an age-old root has been used in the treatment of several disorders, and how it has made its way into iCoffee for blood sugar management.


We are the new spectrum for rejuvenation. We formulate, manufacture, and market World Class Health and Wellness Products and bring in, the freshness of Nature and Goodness of the World to your Home of Happiness.

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